Virtual Office Assistant

Flexible site to promote remote business service

Virtual Office Assistant is a remote assistant service provided by Christelle Magdinier. She helps individuals and businesses operating in the UK and France with a variety of professional services, e.g. translating, market research, scheduling, etc..

Christelle had problems keeping her old Wordpress site up-to-date, and found it difficult to add or edit the content. Wordpress just isn't that user-friendly on the back-end.

The solution was to build a redesigned site in Webflow so that she could not only sell her business better to prospective clients, but also keep the content updated herself with the minimum of fuss. Webflow offers a very easy-to-use content management tool that allows you to make edits directly on the site as it appears to users. The other advantage of Webflow was that there was no need to keep plugins updated, nor any headaches with security concerns. Everything just works out of the box – the perfect solution, especially for freelancers!

  • New website, CMS and brand identity
  • Easily edit content and add new skills or services
  • SEO friendly
  • No more Wordpress plugin updates and security headaches
After our initial session, I knew I had made the right choice by contacting Will. Through a simple Q&A discussion, Will made me realise the key points that I wanted my website to convey. From then on, it was just a question of letting him work his magic. I would not hesitate to recommend Will. He’s patient, flexible and a pleasure to work with.
Christelle Magdinier
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